Winter activities

Tips to ski

Use the correct equipment and sunscreen

Using the correct equipment is essential to enjoy the skiing experience.

Snow clothing will help you preserve your body temperature and will protect you from weather conditions. Wearing gloves is vital as well, not only because of the cold temperatures but also to protect your hands in case you fall.

Eyewear is important for protecting your eyes from the sun and the sun glare. At high altitude UV rays are stronger and the sun’s reflection off the snow is much brighter. Ski goggles and sunglasses also provide protection from falling snow and wind while whizzing down the slopes.

When you ski, sunlight will hit your skin from two directions, the first is from direct light and the second is from reflection. Just like your eyes, your skin needs to be protected by applying high protection sunscreen on all exposed skin.

Hire a ski instructor

Shahdag Ski School provides private and group instruction for those of you wishing to take lessons.

If you are a beginner, your instructor will introduce you to this thrilling sport, showing you tricks and safety guidelines that will allow you enjoy the skiing experience from first day.

If you are an experienced skier and are looking to take your skiing to a new level, your instructor will help you to develop your skills in all terrain at advanced level.

Show courtesy to others

Always stay in control and be able to stop or avoid other people and objects. Remember that people ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them. Increase precautions when crossing slopes, always slow down before crossing and look uphill and yield for other skiers.

Observe signs

Signs are posted throughout Shahdag slopes for your convenience and protection. Please observe all posted signs and warnings. For your own safety keep off closed slopes. Ski on the slopes that match your level of skiing, by paying attention to the colors of the slopes.

Green is for beginners, Blue is for an intermediate level, Red is for advanced skiers and Black is only for highly experienced skiers.

Beware where to stop

Except on wide pistes stops must be made at the side of the piste. One must not stop in narrow places or where it is difficult to be seen from above.

Assist in accidents

Should you witness a skiing accident, you are required to stop and follow these instructions:

- Stay calm and reassure the injured skier
- Take your skis off
- Nail your skis into the snow in the shape of a cross, marking the spot where the injured skier is laying.
- Ask the injured skier about his/her condition. Do not move the injured skier, do not remove his/her helmet nor boots.
- Contact a ski patroller and report the exact location and condition of the injured skier.

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