مرحبا بالشتاء

Dear friends!

We are very excited to announce you the opening date of winter season! Yes, it is 16 December!!!

We have prepared special entertainment programme for you that you probably won’t forget for a long time!

“Excellent Band” and Mick Rafiyev’s live music, DJ performance, open air fair, entertainment for kids and great presents will be waiting for you! And special beverages from “Red Bull” indeed will give you wings !!! 🙂

Come with your friends and family and enjoy full of positive energy! Don’t forget to bring your camera with you since you will need it to memorize these amazing moments!

Our partners:

“Nestle Azerbaijan”, “Cremesso”, “Carlsberg Azerbaijan”, “AzGranata”, “Chelebi”, “Fleuriste”, “Ali & Nino”, “Asan Abad”, “Dastan”.

If you want to continue your day with this energy and participate at the cocktail party, then we reccommend you to reserve a room for yourself:

– “Shahdag Hotel & Spa” double accommodation – 130 AZN

For reservation: (+99412) 310 1110; mobil: 1110 

– “Pik Palace” double accommodation – 150 AZN

For reservation: (+99412) 310 0009;

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